Hi, my name is

Taylor Hamling.

I make websites & mobile apps.

I’m a software developer based in Napier, New Zealand.
I specialise in building exceptional websites, applications, and everything in between.

Get In Touch

Bring your idea to life. I’m a full-stack developer who loves building creative and innovative projects. See how the process works below.


We Talk

We’ll have a chat about what you’re after and come up with a plan of attack. It can be as simple as a few changes to your website, or as complicated as developing a full scale application.

Planning & Research

From market research and business strategies to database schema and wireframing, planning the correct path forward is a crucial step to ensuring we develop the perfect product.

I Develop

When it’s time to develop, I don’t mess around. I set ambitious timeframes and I always meet them. I’ll give you updates along the way, and you are welcome to talk to me at any point.

We Go Live

We test what was developed, ensure everything is correct, then launch! I don’t just leave you afterwards either. I’ll be here to support my work indefinitely. Any issues, just let me know!

Things I’ve Built

Who I’ve Worked With