My Story

My background is in Computer Science, achieving a Bachelors degree from Massey University. I have since ventured on my own as a freelancer obtaining notable clients such as 20th Century Fox, Volunteering New Zealand, and Green Mountain Grills. I have worked with dozens of small to large businesses throughout New Zealand. My focus is in cutting edge web and mobile technologies.

My Mission

In my time as a developer, I’ve come across so many areas in our day to day lives that could be made more efficient. Technology is increasing at a rapid rate, but without a way to simplify that technology, it’s rendered useless for most of the population.

My goal as a developer is to provide a layer between the general user and the complexity of technology. I see exciting new ways for people to enhance their life. I want to bring it to them in a simple and effective way.

My Skills

  • Web development

  • Mobile development

  • API Development

  • Databases

  • WordPress

  • Graphic Design