About Me

I’m a full-stack developer who loves coding, freedom, and the ability to build my own future – that’s why I’m a freelance software developer! I work on projects I’m passionate about. I have plenty of practical skills and experience, but the passion is what makes me a great developer.

Read below to learn more about my journey as a developer.

My Story

Starting work

I was already interning while studying my final year of Computer Science. Immediately I got a job working in an office as a junior developer. Life was good, right?

Itching for something more
Became a freelancer

After a year in the office, I wanted something more. I wanted to work on projects I was truly passionate about. I left the salary to become a freelancer and ultimately control my own future.

Started slow
But things grew

At first, it wasn’t anything like I hoped for. The pay was far less and I had to take any jobs I could get. Eventually I landed my first big client: Volunteering New Zealand. Shortly after, Green Mountain Grills, and then 20th Century Fox. Growth has been steady ever since.

What I Can Do

App Development

I develop mobile apps for Android and iOS. I specialize in development using the Ionic framework and React Native. Apps require meticulous attention to detail to perform on all devices. However the reward is 10 fold with huge potential to utilize the devices full capabilities.


Website Development

I love to develop websites. I specialize in WordPress, Javascript (Angular), PHP (Laravel), and MySQL (LAMP). However I’m not afraid to get down and dirty with a bit of c#, Python, or Java. I utilize cloud services such as AWS and Azure to deliver on my speedy website promises.



I offer consulting services for those who want advice on website optimization (speed, security, SEO, and functionality), websites upgrades, website enhancements, app upgrades, and app enhancements. I am happy to discuss any options to improve your website or app.