About Me

I’m a full-stack developer who loves coding, freedom, and the ability to build my own future – that’s why I’m a freelance software developer! I work on projects I’m passionate about. I have plenty of practical skills and experience, but the passion is what makes me a great developer.

Read below to learn more about my journey as a developer.

My Story

Starting work

I was already interning while studying my final year of Computer Science. Immediately I got a job working in an office as a junior developer. Life was good, right?

Itching for something more.
Became a freelancer

After a year in the office, I wanted something more. I wanted to work on projects I was truly passionate about. I left the salary to become a freelancer and ultimately control my own future.

Started slow
But things grew

At first, it wasn’t anything like I hoped for. The pay was far less and I had to take any jobs I could get. Eventually I landed my first big client: Volunteering New Zealand. Shortly after, Green Mountain Grills, and then 20th Century Fox. Growth has been steady ever since.

My clients 3+ years later

I’ve now worked with dozens of small and large businesses in New Zealand. Take a look at a selection below.

Let’s talk about your project

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