Late For The Bus – Bus timetable app

Late for the Bus is a fully responsive web app designed for Palmerston North Massey University students to make it easier to determine which bus is next available.

This website was a personal hobby to create a comprehensive Palmerston North Horizons bus timetable that can be used easily on all devices. I was sick of having to rely on the traditional large poster to get the information I wanted and often I would find myself without the poster and in need of bus timetable information. Through this web app, you can use your phone or any device to tell you exactly which bus to take next based on the filters you give it.

The web application gives you the ability to filter the bus timetable to only display busses in your area. On top of this, you can also set a future date and time that you will require the bus next if you are a future planner.

The website backend scraps the HTML data directly from the horizons website to ensure accurate and up to date information.

The frontend display uses HTML, CSS and a heavy amount of JQuery + libraries to create the filters and other effects.

The web application has been picked up by the Horizons government department which maintains the bus service in Palmerston North. It is now publicly displayed and promoted on their main website and is used by many Massey University students throughout Palmerston North.

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